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1967 Dinner in a Jiffy


Canadian Bacon Stack-ups*

asparagus spears

Lime Applesauce Mold*

crisp relishes*

crescent rolls     butter

Brownie Treats*

coffee     milk

Today’s menu comes from the 1967 Better Homes and Gardens Jiffy Cooking.   Jiffy’s a great word.  I could use some jiffy in my life.   Also, the picture caption informs me that this meal is “fit for the king of the house” so bonus sexist jokes are included with dinner.

To the results!


jiffy 2

The gold, silver and bronze medals go to:

GOLD: Canadian Bacon Stackups:  delicious pork layers with sweet potato and cranberry sauce?  It was like an after Thanksgiving leftover happy combo.  My husband said he didn’t care for the cranberry sauce, but I thought it was key to the success of the dish.

SILVER:  crisp relishes:  carrot curls and celery fans?  I kind of felt like an idiot when I was making them, but they somehow made eating veggies fun.  Evidently the same tricks that work on five-year-olds work just fine on me.

BRONZE:   Brownie Treats:  a brownie with ice cream and marshmallow fluff infused with creme de menthe?  Yes, please!

And the the lead medal of shame goes to:  Lime Applesauce mold.  It tasted like lime jello mixed with applesauce and 7-Up.  To be fair, that’s what it was, but I don’t think applesauce needs artificial food coloring and soda to be tasty.  Also, it never set up into jello.  Sad face for my lack of gelatine skills 😦

I’m feeling to lazy to type out the recipes today.  If you feel the need to create your own stack, hopefully you have good computer skills or excellent vision:

jiffy 3

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