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1969 Lunch-box: Submarine Sandwich


Submarine Sandwich*


Lemon Pudding Cake*

Carbonated Beverage

(*recipe provided)

Today’s menu comes from the classic Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book (1969 edition).  It has a great meal planning section (advising you to start with the meat!)  This page has suggested menus for your lunch box.

BHG Lunch-Box menus

Starting with the “hero” of the meal (yuk, yuk, yuk):

Submarine Sandwich

Lots of options, but I went with mustard for the spread and corned beef and salami for the meat since they had the pre-fat consciousness aura about them.

Of course, what would this sandwich be without the frilly toothpicks?  (Unfortunately, hard to see toothpicks…)

Lemon Pudding Cake

Dessert was pretty easy to put together, but it left me wondering about the lack of pudding in the ingredients.

Lemon Pudding Cake

When I took a piece out of the pan, I was horrified to find a pool of liquid at the bottom!  Then it hit me; it’s the pudding!  It magically made itself.

Some chunky applesauce and Fresca for the carbonated beverage rounded out the meal.  According to Wikipedia, Fresca came on the market in 1966 and was originally sweetened with the now banned cyclamates.  Cyclamates were banned in 1969, so depending on when my hypothetical historical menu was served, the Fresca could have had cancer-causes artificial sweeteners or the replacement sweetener (probably still cancer-causing but at least FDA approved).

I sadly didn’t have a lunch-box to put this, but here’s the final product:

Sub Sandwich Lunch

The sandwich:  awesome!  All of the green olives fell off as soon as I picked it up, but it was a heady, hearty delicious sandwich for someone used to low-fat turkey on wheat.  So much flavor!  The cake was light, lemon-y and luscious but I seriously question it’s structural integrity for a lunch intended on the go.  Considering the contents of the sandwich, I suggest the following dessert substitution: